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Quick Start

Here you will find instructions on how to get started with ZENIQ Explorer to explorer both UTXO and EVM blockchains.

Explorer - home

  1. Navigate to

Metamask Settings

  1. Clicking TXN HASH - BLOCK - FROM/TO will take you to the transaction, blog or address page respectively.
  2. [EVM | UTXO] label is to identify the type of blockchain the transaction lives in.

Explorer - utxo transactions

Metamask Settings

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click tab - UTXO Transactions

Explorer - utxo block transactions

Metamask Settings

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select tab - UTXO Blocks
  3. Click a block with transactions
  4. Select tab - Transactions
  5. Observe list of non-coinbase transactions

Explorer - utxo xpub/account

Metamask Settings

  1. Navigate to url similar to
  2. EX : example
  3. Observe transactions in account/xpub

Explorer - evm account

Metamask Settings

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select tab - EVM Transactions
  3. Click any FROM/TO
  4. Observe transactions belonging to address

Explorer - evm blocks

Metamask Settings

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select tab - EVM Blocks
  3. Click any BLOCK NUMBER
  4. Observer block details.

Explorer - search types

Using home page search bar

Metamask Settings

or by using navbar search area

Metamask Settings

  1. Numbers [EX: 12, 1003, 56456] - search block by number
  2. EVM transactions hashes [EX: 0x622453f30c065ad2dd0da348bcf54573bf984fff9a9f590cc93e7bda29c7dd1b] - search evm transaction
  3. EVM address hashes [EX: 0xD395E4281d79547cd040F4BF5FF7E70b75923FAd] - search evm address
  4. UTXO transactions ids [EX: d565831468303396adbd45830c879a7bdc47974070fe8bd2c2ff1a5403882d28] - search utxo transaction
  5. UTXO addresses [EX: 18c4HJFg5fXPiYABjoyGbXYCe4M4iX4ytM] - search utxo address
  6. UTXO xpub/account address [EX: xpub68H5vyxg64j8Ux5bE5qeNnGBWqsygho1qScJhc3uZ7bkeo8o8qMFeh7DvZijij8dAqaXhqsomRJLxBhLH5eVEXkQs9gSQ8yoqxb1aZJqgfa] - search utxo xpub/account address